Sacrifice Akashi 130 Boxed End Black Scooter Deck

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The Sacrifice Akashi range is growing, we would like to welcome our latest member to our family, the Akashi 130 Street Deck.

This has been a long and slow process getting this street deck to the market. We have spent months and month’s proto typing and testing this new beast to get it 100% street ready. 

This is a very unique design and is also a registered design, with that being said the Akashi 130 has a very unique rear design where the pegs and designed to fit perfectly into the cut outs at the back of the deck and are also exchangeable .

This deck has been made to take whatever punishment you can hand out to it, from rails to grinding the toughest surface this deck won’t let you down. 

The deck features the new and improved Akashi head tube and also has a square finish to get the job done.

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