Skatescoot Handlebar

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1 set of Skatescoot handlebars complete with rubber grips and mounting baseplate.

Skatescoot handlebars are made to train your grommets on how to rip. Our goal was to make skateboarding more accessible, and in doing so we’ve created the Skatescoot training system. This provides children experience with pushing, balance, and the enjoyment of skateboarding.  Unlike scooters and skateboards, children as young as 2 can hop on a Skatescoot and start riding.  The advantage of a Skatescoot versus a traditional scooter begins with the skateboard, which provides a much more solid base for foot placement, weight distribution, and learning. This means children can begin riding a Skatescoot much younger than traditional scooters.

Our mounting system allows you to remove the handlebars in seconds and easily transition to the regular skateboarding experience. Eventually teaching your children how to comfortably ride a skateboard. The ability to purchase other Skatescoot baseplates allows you to mount your Skatescoot handlebars on multiple skateboard setups.  Want to double your child on your cruiser or longboard, simply purchase an additional baseplate and you can mount/ride within seconds.