Aggressive Rollerblades

Aggressive rollerblades are specifically designed for performing tricks that involve grinding/jumping etc at skateparks or out in the streets. They typically use smaller wheels to provide better balance and have dedicated areas for locking onto grinds. They are generally available to buy as a complete skate or boot only. 

The fit of each different brand/model of can be very unique and is determined by the actual shape of the boot itself and the liner inside the boot. Both are equally important factors in how the aggressive rollerblades will actually feel and fit. 

We recommend trying on the skate before purchasing if you can, however there are some easy ways to help choose a skate if this is not possible. Determining the length of your foot in centimeters is the most accurate way to determine if a skate is the correct length or not. Aggressive rollerblades do not typically specify their width but each model will have a particular reputation for being a wide, regular or narrow fit. We are familiar with most brands/models and can help provide this information.