At World Of Wheelcraft, we pride ourselves on stocking the best cruiser and longboard brands out there. Our selection includes top brands like Arbor, Globe, Landyachtz, Madrid, and Z-Flex. Whether you're a beginner looking to purchase your first cruiser or longboard, or someone who wants to get back on the board, we have the perfect options for you.

Cruisers are the ideal choice for various purposes such as skating to the shops, commuting short distances, or safely getting home from the pub.  Cruiser boards are typically set up with skateboard trucks, allowing for fast turns and the ability to dodge pedestrians. Additionally, most of our cruiser boards come with a kicktail, making them perfect for jumping up and down curbs and functional at skate parks.

On the other hand, longboards come in a variety of shapes and are perfect for longer commutes, riding at higher speeds, and even moving furniture.  Longboards are equipped with reverse kingpin trucks, which enable deeper turns and provide stability at high speeds. Longboards excel on bike paths and various types of pavement, whether smooth or rough.