Street/Park Skateboard Wheels

World Of Wheelcraft stocks leading Skateboard Wheel companies such as: Autobahn, Bones, Mini Logo, Pig, Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Spew Monkey and Spitfire.

Choosing a Street/Park Skateboard Wheels can quite often be overwhelming and confusing. Street and Park Skateboarding will work best with a small wheel (48mm-55mm) as it's light and will accelerate fast on smooth surfaces. While skating bigger ramps and bowls you will often see bigger wheels. (56mm-62mm) These bigger wheels hold roll speed and have a wider contact patch for holding the balance between grip and slip. 

Street/Park Skateboard Wheels come in a range of different sizes as well as how hard the wheel is. The scale used is called the Durometer; this usually ranges from 78a (Softest) extending all the way up to 101a (Hardest). An extension to the Durometer scale in the last few years; 83b to 84b. These are the hardest durometer you'll find in Street/Park Skateboard Wheels. 

With all this being said; its important to choose a wheel to match your skill level and where you'll be Skateboarding. If you strictly Skateboard in the Skatepark you are better suited to a wheel ranging in hardness 97a to 101a. For Street Skateboarding sometimes pavement or concrete isn't the smoothest; I would reccomend a durometer of 97a to 99a. 

It's important to remember that it all comes down to our personal preference!