Ace Raw 55 Skateboard Trucks

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Ace Skateboard Trucks is owned by ex-Independent team manager Joey Tershay

Ace 33- Our Classic 2.125" (52mm) tall truck. If tech is your game these trucks are for you! Riding an 8" or less wide deck? These are your weapon of choice.

Machine polished to a low lustre. Our polished finish trucks are the go-to choice when performance at no sacrifice is your goal.

• Classic hanger style reminiscent of the old Indy stage 3 trucks 

• Low set kingpin

• Medium bushings

• Non slip axles

Great skateboard trucks for all terrain! Hit the Sydney streets, skate park or local bowl on these bad boys and grind for days! Available is different sizes to fit your skateboard deck perfectly. Customise your ride at the World Of Wheelcraft skate shop.