Ethic Artifact V2 Blue Complete Scooter

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The Ethic Artifact Complete Scooter is an amazing scooter at a great price! Light weight, strong and made with the best quality components. The Ethic Artifact Complete Scooter comes with the following parts:-

Artefact v2 Deck
Dynasty v2 620 mm Bars
Legion Fork
Incube 110 mm Wheels
Alu Clamp with 6 mm screws
Big grain griptape
Weight : 3380 g

This is the evolution of our Artefact Complete, the same, but better on every point :
Wheels are now 110 mm, wider, bigger and more solid bar, the deck is the new Artefact v2 which is lighter, more solid, more stable, as well as wider and longer.
For those who want a real durable scooter.

The World Of Wheelcraft scooter shop in Sydney sells Ethic completes as well as other brands.