Impala Lightspeed White Rollerblades

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Impala Lightspeed White Rollerblades are the best value entry level skate. They have a very durable shell and come in a range of fun colours.

Coming with 70mm wheels, they have a lower centre of gravity making them very stable. They can also fit up to 76mm wheels in them too!

The skate is rockerable which means you can shift the middle wheels closer to the ground, increasing maneuverability and making turning easier.

They also come with an optional heel brake. 

Impala Lightspeed White Rollerblades - details:

     ★ Durable plastic shell with comfortable, breathable, padded liner
     ★ Easy entry buckle and lace combo
     ★ 70mm 84a wheels (fits up to 76mm wheels)
     ★ ABEC-7 Impala Pink Rubber Shield Bearings
     ★ Optional heel brake and two Allen wrenches included
     ★ Rockerable frame. Comes in flat rockered configuration
     ★ Vegan-friendly