Impala Saturn 8.25 Complete Skateboard

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The Impala skateboard range is here!


★ 8.25” x 32” x 14” Wheelbase

★ If your shoe size is 5-11 US Women's, this deck size will work for you

★ Resin-7 hard rock maple complete

★ Full shape, medium concave

★ Sparkle Grip below tail split

★ Holographic raised prism logo

★ 5.25” Tensor Alloy trucks

★ 53mm 95a all-terrain Street wheels

★ ABEC-7 Impala Pink Rubber Shield bearings

★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Against manufacturing faults

★ SUSTAINABILITY: We plant 3 trees for every 1 tree used to manufacture our skateboards.

Be sure to claim your FREE LEARN TO SKATEBOARD LESSON at the World Of Wheelcraft skate shop with the purchase of this complete skateboard.