Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium 144 Pair Skateboard Trucks

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And finally an Independent FORGED TITANIUM truck made for 8.25"-8.4" decks, the Independent Forged Titanium 144 Silver Skateboard Trucks super lightweight skateboard trucks for skaters who want a mid profile truck with TITANIUM axle and hollow kingpin. A superior and iconic truck with precise turning geometry for increased stability when landing tricks, better ‘speed-wobble’ control and decreasing the chances of ‘wheel-bite.’ This makes Independent stage 11 trucks one of the most versatile skate trucks on the market, excelling in vert and transition, street and park skating, and general cruising and carving.

Independent Forged Titanium 144 Silver Skateboard Trucks They last longer and are stronger on impact than any other titanium axle truck on the market. Independent uses only the best materials:like beer and cigarettes mixed with:

  • 356 T6 Aluminum hanger
  • Solid Titanium axle
  • Forged Aluminium baseplate
  • Hollow Chromoly kingpin
  • Supercush cushions with cylinder bottom
  • 10% lighter than regular Stage 11
  • 53.5mm height
  • recommended wheel size without riser–56mm and under