Powerslide LED Fothon 4 Pack Rollerblade Wheels

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The Powerslide Fothon wheel is a revolution in the inline skate wheel industry. The longer lasting Super high rebound PU material gives you a high quality performance wheel with a fast and smooth roll. A series of LED lights will bring light to your Sydney skating experience turning night into day. With Fothon wheels you will become the star of the night. Fothon wheels will come in different colors; look cool and stylish unlike any other LED wheel out there.

Material: The wheels are made out of MDSHR polyurethane material.

Shape/radius: The wheels are available in size 72mm/76mm/80mm/84mm/90mm/100mm/110mm/125mm with a hardness of 82A.

Special feature: Magnetic spacer inside the core makes them light up.

Core: Fothon LED core.

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