Sacrifice IHC 2 Bolt Carbon Clamp

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The Sacrifice Spy 2-bolt collar clamp might be small, but it has incredible grip force.

The design incorporates a threaded steel insert which means you can tighten the clamp till your heart’s content without the fear of stripping it.

The clamp body has material removed strategically to save weight, but keep the high clamp force. We also use a 6ml Titanium bolt for add strength and reliability.

The new Spy 2 bolt clamp has a unique design cutting more weight of the clamp where it is not needed and logo proudly CNC into the front of the clamp.

Perfect addition to customise your scooter. Trick your scooter out at the World Of Wheelcraft scooter shop in Sydney.

Material: 6061-T6 Al
Height: 30mm
Weight: 52g (body only) 78g (with all parts ex shim) 89g (with all parts inc shim)
Features: Custom extrusion, complex CNC cutting, laser etched logo. Comes with a shim to fit both regular and oversized bars.