Skate Trainer 2.0

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Every set comes with four SkaterTrainers - one for each wheel. Slip them on in seconds to start learning tricks. No setup, no assembly, no adjusting your board.

SkaterTrainers stop the board from rolling so you can get tricks fast. Try an ollie, pop shove it, or kickflip. Land tricks in a few minutes instead of weeks.

Once you’ve landed the trick a few times with SkaterTrainers, take them off and try it for real. If you need more practice, put them back on. SkaterTrainers are made from super durable material so you can learn new tricks for years.

No setup, no assembly, and nothing to adjust on your board. Simply slip them over each wheel in seconds.

Made from high-quality material that stretches to install quickly and durable to survive years of practice.

Fits 99% of all trick skateboards. Designed to work perfectly on every size wheel.

Designed, manufactured, and hand packaged in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. 

World Of Wheelcraft skate shop in Sydney always has skate trainers in stock.