Skate Trivia Volume 1

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Gordon (Gordo) Eckler has been collecting and refining skate trivia questions for over 20 years. His questions have been checked, approved and vetted by a core group of skaters and industry veterans including Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mark Whitely, Jim Thiebaud, Aaron Meza, Bryce Kanights, Ed Templeton and so many more. This set of 51 cards contains 250 questions ranging from fairly easy to devilishly hard. The trivia is drawn from 5 categories: Names & Nicknames, Footy Tape, Tricks of the Trade, Teams & Companies and Wild Card. Break ‘em out for your next road trip, skate mission or game night! Hefty cards come in a chunky, nice-looking telescoping box with a booklet and sticker.

Includes box set of 51 cards, 16 page booklet and sticker.