Spitfire Formula 4 OG Swirl 99D 54mm Silver Skateboard Wheels

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The Spitfire Classic 54mm 99a OG Skateboard Wheels are a great size for street skaters and the smaller dude who skates. Coming in a silver swirl and OG script, these wheels will roll fast and turn heads when you fly past. Made from Spitfires quality urethanes so they last. Street skating wheels done cheap and done right.

Wheel Size -  The 54mm size is a great all round street and park size to hold more speed in the flats and better momentum in small transition, while offering a quick and predictable pop, with a more stable lock in to you grinds. A great size for average to full sized humans to flip and grind all the street and park features. 

Wheel Shape / Profile: Classic - Spitfire claim this is the #1 shape in skateboarding world wide. And it probably is. This shape first emerged in the early 90’s and has been a popular go-to ever since.  It features a large radius from the bearing seat which produces a fairly narrow contact patch. It is the great all rounder.

    A favourite of Sydney skaters, the World Of Wheelcraft skate shop always has Spitfire wheels in stock.